That Worthy Name
By A.C. Gaebelein
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James 2:7  Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are

In the second chapter of the Epistle of James the Holy Spirit speaks of our ever
blessed Lord as "that worthy Name." Precious Word! Precious to every heart
that knows Him and delights to exalt His glorious and worthy Name. His Name
is far above "every Name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that
which is to come" (Ephesians 1:21). It is "as ointment poured forth" (Song of
Sol. 1:3); yea, "His Name alone is excellent" (Psalm 148:13). But according to
His worth that blessed Name is far from being fully known and uttered by the
Saints of God.

"Thou art worthy" and "Worthy is the Lamb" shall some day burst from the
glorified lips of redeemed sinners, brought home to be with Him.
In that
blessed day when at last we see Him face to face, forever with the Lord,
we shall begin to learn the full worth and glory of that Name, the Name
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In a feeble way here below we get glimpses of His precious, worthy Name, of
His beauty and loveliness, and then only through the power of the Holy Spirit.
The aim of the Spirit of God dwelling in our hearts will always be to tell us
more of Himself.

Like Abraham's servant who had so much to say to the elect bride about Isaac,
so the Holy Spirit ever delights to show us more of Christ, the Christ of
Oh! how He is eager to tell us more of His worth, of His glory, of His
grace and of all He is and all He has. How it grieves Him when our hearts do
not respond to the great message He has for us and when instead we turn to
something else to give us joy and comfort. Only Christ can give joy and
comfort, peace and rest to the hearts of those who are His.

The days are evil and the time is short.
Is your heart increasingly attracted
to that worthy Name? Do you have a greater burning desire in your heart
for Himself? Does He, that worthy Name, become more and more, day by
day the absorbing object of your heart and life? Do you often weep over
your cold-heartedness, your lack of real devotion to Him and
communion with your Lord?
Do you appreciate Him more than ever before?
Is the Apostle's longing cry "that I might know Him" coming also from your
Dear reader, these are searching questions. A better knowledge of our blessed
Lord, a deeper acquaintance with that worthy Name and greater devotion to
Him, is the only true spiritual progress, which counts.

If you live but little in the reality of all, this you lack that joy and rest which is
true Christian happiness, and the Spirit is grieved. Oh let Him unfold to your
heart that worthy name and show you from His Word, His wonderful person;
and then His power will attract your heart more and more. This is what all
God's people need. "That worthy Name,"-- the Lord in all His blessed fullness
and glorious reality is what we need.

And what the written Word has to tell us of "that worthy Name"! Oh, the titles,
the attributes, the names, the glories, the beauties of Himself. And we have
discovered but so few of these blessed things. Perhaps a few hundred of the
descriptions of that worthy Name are known to God's Saints; but there are
hundreds, still hidden, we have never touched. Yes, God's Spirit is ever willing
to make them known to our hearts.

Just for a few moments think of some of the familiar titles and names of that
Name which is above every other name.
How these titles of our blessed
Lord, what He is and what we have in Him should fill our hearts with
praise and our lips with outbursts of praise, lift us above present day
conditions and give us courage and boldness.

"That worthy Name"... Who is He?

The Son of God
The Only Begotten of the Father,
The living God
The eternal Life
The God of Glory,
The Holy One;
The everlasting God,
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord of Peace,
The Lord our righteousness,
The Upholder of all things,
The Creator,
The Alpha and Omega,
The express image of God.
He is the Word,
The Word of God,
The Word of Life,
The Wisdom of God,
The Angel of the Lord,
The Mediator of the better covenant.
The good Shepherd,
The great Shepherd,
The chief Shepherd,
The Door, the Way,
The Root and offspring of David,
The Branch of Righteousness,
The Rose of Sharon,
The Lily of the valley,
The true Vine,
The Corn of Wheat,
The Bread of God,
The true Bread from heaven.
He is also the Light of the world,
The Day dawn,
The Star out of Jacob,
Sun and Shield,
The Bright and Morning star,
The Sun of Righteousness.
Thus we read of that worthy Name, that He is…
The Great High priest,
The Daysman,
The Advocate,
Mercy Seat,
The Forerunner,
The Rock of Salvation,
The Refuge,
The Tower,
A strong Tower,
The Rock of Ages,
The Hope of Glory,
The Hope of His people,
A living Stone.
And What else?…
The Gift of God,
The Beloved,
The Fountain of Life,
He is our Peace,
Our Redeemer,
He is precious,
The Amen,
The Just Lord,
The Bridegroom,
The Firstborn from the Dead,
Head over all,
Head of all principality and power,
Heir of all things.
He is Captain of the Lord's Host,
Captain of their salvation,
Chiefest among Ten Thousand,
The Leader,
The Counsellor,
The Lion of the tribe of Judah,
The Governor,
Prince of Peace,
The Prince of Life,
The Prince of the Kings of the earth,
The Judge,
The King,
The King of Israel,
King of Saints,
King of Glory,
King over all the earth,
King in His Beauty,
King of Kings and Lord of lords.

All these names and attributes of that worthy Name are familiar. What dignity,
what power, what grace and blessing for us for whom He died and shed His
precious blood they express.
Who can fathom these names? Who can tell
out His worth?
And hundreds more could be added, and many, many more,
which are still undiscovered in the Word of God. What a Lord He is! We
worship and adore Thee-- Thou worthy One! Draw us O Lord and we will run
after Thee. What a joy and delight it ought to be to follow Him, to exalt Him,
to be devoted to such a One! Oh! our failures! And still He carries us in
kindness and patience. And He also has a Name, which expresses the fullness
of His work and glory. No one knows what that is.
"He had a name written,
that no man knew, but He Himself"
(Rev. 19:12).

But oh! The blessedness which is before us His redeemed people. Of us it is
written, "They shall see His face": That blessed, blessed face of that worthy
Name, we shall behold at last. We shall see His face! Oh the rapture which fills
the heart in the anticipation of that soon coming event.
"And His Name shall
be in their foreheads"
(Rev. 22:4). We shall be like Him; we shall be a
perfect reflection of Himself.

Taken from "The Lord of Glory" by A.C. Gaebelein.
"Our Hope" Publications, ©1910.

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