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I don't know about you but we have grown weary of wild assumptions being
presented as "fact". The latest case being that of the "The Lost Tomb Of Jesus,"
which the Discovery Channel presented on Sunday, March 4th, 2007.

It is rather interesting that they will present the Aztecs history as fact, and the
off the wall predictions of Nostradamus as compelling but when it comes to the
Bible, they attempt to discredit it and present 2000 year old bones (which cannot
substantiate anything) as being a fact that Jesus NEVER ascended bodily into
Heaven. And why? Because they believe not the truth. They follow in the Way
of Cain-- and deny the blood of the Lamb and the Lamb's triumph over death
and His GLORIOUS ASCENSION, BODILY into Heaven. Every true Christian
believes that Christ died for sins and rose again bodily--for this is what the
Scriptures say. The Old Testament predicted that Messiah would rise from the

Psalm 16:10
For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer
thine Holy One to see corruption.

The ludicrous claim of James Cameron, in his new documentary, says that
Jesus' grave is occupied! Hollywood, for years, has tried to undermine the New
Testament:  the Deity, the crucifixion and the resurrection and bodily ascension
of the Lord Jesus Christ. The latest being the new film, wherein they document
some boxes of bones buried in a tomb and because the names inside the tomb
have the same names as in the New Testament: Joseph, Mary, Judah, and the
name Jesus is on one of them, POOF...this must be the tomb of Jesus. Hello?
Were the producers seeking to insult the intelligence of virtually every scholar
who was viewing their film?

Archeologist Amos Kloner, who described the tomb more than 10 years ago as
the burial cave of a well-off family, says there are 900 such burial caves
within several miles of the Old City of Jerusalem, that the name Jesus was
found 71 times. The name Judah son of Jesus was also found.

In biblical times, the name "Jesus" was very popular. In fact, in the Hebrew, it is
Yeshua or Yahshua-- which in our English language is Joshua-- A very common

The reason why they called our Savior, "Jesus of Nazareth" was because there
were many men named Jesus in the land of Israel but no one except Jesus of
Nazareth did the miracles He did and NO ONE made the claims that He made
and NO ONE fulfilled the prophecies that He fulfilled, given in the Old

First, blasphemous Hollywood presents the ludicrous story which states that
Jesus survived the crucifixion-- and somehow managed to stay alive and in his
half-crucified state journeyed with Mary Magdalene to France. Hello? Roman
soldiers were EVERYWHERE in the province of the time period. There was no
escape from crucifixion. See our DaVinci Article below for more on this topic.

Now, they are saying that Jesus did not die in France but was buried with Mary
Magdalene in Jerusalem. Well, Hollywood, which is it? Well, they don’t
care as long as one doesn't believe the Gospel truth.

The "evidence" given in the film for this obvious spurious tomb of "jesus" is NO
EVIDENCE at all!! We have heard of the dumbing down of society but this is

Jerusalem-based biblical anthropologist Joe Zias discredits Cameron's
documentary by saying
"What they've done here," Zias said, "is they've simply
tried in a very, very dishonest way to try to con the public into believing that
this is the tomb of Jesus or Jesus' family. It has nothing whatsoever to do with

"Zias said 48 percent of women living at the time were named Mary, Mariam
or the Hebrew name Shlomzion."
Source: ABC News

Zias described it in an e-mail to The Washington Post as a "hyped up film which
intellectually and scientifically dishonest."

William G. Dever, a retired professor of archaeology at the University of
Arizona, said that some of the inscriptions on the Talpiyot ossuaries are unclear,
but that all of the names are common.

"I've know about these ossuaries for many years and so have many other
archaeologists, and none of us thought it was much of a story, because these
are rather common Jewish names from that period," he said. "It's a publicity
stunt, and it will make these guys very rich, and it will upset millions of
innocent people because
they don't know enough to separate fact from

James Cameron's so-called proof is no proof at all. We have a tomb with bone-
boxes and names on them, which are the most common names of the era. And
their Mary Magdalene assumption is absurd. THEY WILL NEVER KNOW
WITH ANY CERTAINTY if Mary Magdalene is buried there OR
ANYWHERE ELSE because there is NO COMPARISON of DNA. In order to
test the DNA and match, there must be a sample from the original Mary
Magdalene and since there are no surviving relatives...there is NO WAY TO
SUBSTANTIATE anything! Oh, but give them time. Some weirdo might come
out of the woodwork and claim to be a descendant. "Yes, Mary Magdalene is
my great aunt on my mother's side." And perhaps, the film makers will jump on
that bandwagon as well.  Who knows.

According to ABC News:

Archaeologist: More Than 900 Tombs Like This One

Two years earlier, Israeli archaeologist Amos Kloner was the first to find the
tomb. He found the tomb and the ossuaries -- the urns or vaults used to hold
the bones of the dead -- interesting but of no particular archaeological
He said there are more than 900 buried tombs just like the
"Jesus" tomb within a 2-mile radius of Talpiyot. Of them, 71 bear the
name Jesus and two Jesus, son of Joseph.
The tomb in Talpiyot is one of
them. But the inscription, he said, was barely decipherable and therefore

At the time, Jesus was a very common name, as was Mary. But the cluster of all
those names together, Jesus, Joseph Mary, not to mention what the filmmakers
claim is Jesus' son, Judah, son of Jesus, is indeed unusual. Simply because the
tomb is labeled a tomb that "belonged to a Jesus, doesn't make it the tomb of
Jesus Christ," Kloner told ABC News.

---End of Excerpt--------------------------------------------------------------

Our Lord's name, Yeshua, means "God is salvation" or God Saves. His name
was common but His life was anything but common. He was God come down
in human flesh and died for the sins of mankind and rose again, triumphant over
death and bodily ascended up to Heaven.
Oh, this takes faith to believe! In
order to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, one must first believe the Old
Testament prophecies concerning Messiah and then weigh the evidence in the
New Testament. The Lord Jesus fulfilled the prophecies absolutely. And the
faith to believe the Bible comes from God. Those who seek God shall find
Him-- for He makes Himself known to those
of a humble heart.

This latest documentary is denying the bodily resurrection and bodily
of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Jacobovici, said in an interview: "...
If people believe in a spiritual ascension,
there is no issue. People believe in a physical ascension then that's something
Christian theologians will have to discuss. But what we have done, we have
just come back and reported a set of facts. There is a tomb. There are
inscriptions in it. They match the gospel story. They match the non-canonical
text: The text that didn't make it into the Christian bible."

Notice these are their facts:

2) "Inscriptions In It" - WOW! THAT IS SO UNIQUE?
3) "They match the Gospel story" - Uh, NOT! The Gospel story says that Jesus
ascended bodily into Heaven and was seen on earth by over 500 witnesses after
His PHYSICAL resurrection: The Lord Jesus said in Luke 24:39  
Behold my
hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath
not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

4) "They match the non-canonical text"- Well, that we can believe. The reasons
why those texts have been rejected for 1900 years is because they are spurious
and are not consistent with the true Gospel account. They are not even
consistent with one another-- yet alone consistent with the Gospel record. The 4
Gospels in our Canon are there because they LINE UP with what the Old
Testament prophesied of Messiah AND ARE CONSISTENT WITH WHAT

To deny the bodily ascension of Jesus into Heaven is to deny that Jesus Is Lord.
Hollywood is seeking to present another Jesus and another gospel. They pick
out what they want to believe and throw out the rest that they do not agree with.
Well, one can pick apart a painting of the solar system but in the end the
actual Solar System still remains unchanged!
Men attempt to discredit the
bible and deride our Savior but their efforts are futile. Truth always prevails.
They shall have their reward someday-- for Jesus will judge them all by His own
hand. It's not our job to judge them... But what we can do, as Christians, is
NOT support networks that air assumptions as "fact." As Christians, we don't
have to support the sponsors who advertise during the programs. It's time for
Christians to wake up and do what is right! We are not to give place to the devil.
It is up to each and every Christian to recognize trash when they see it;
SHOULD CHRISTIANS buy products from the companies who sponsor
programs that attempt to discredit the Scriptures?

What if every Christian no longer gave ratings to networks who blasphemed our
Savior. Ah...maybe the networks would think twice about airing programs, being
presented as "fact". Such networks would not even dream of attempts to
discredit the Muslim faith or the Buddhist, etc. but Christianity is always on the
"hit list".

What can we do?
Christians can boycott the companies that sponsor offensive
programming, if they choose to.

And for those of you, who still go to movie theatres: blasphemers do not deserve
your money either! Think twice about supporting movies with directors who
previously produced anti-Bible films and actors who curse the name of our Lord
Jesus on film. Think twice about buying products from companies who sponsor
or give "endorsements" to such.


What is so threatening about the Christian faith that men attempt to discredit it
at every turn? The answer? Everything! Because if Jesus is who the New
Testament claims He is, then He is God and He is the Savior who died for
man's sins and rose again, conquering death, and ascended bodily into Heaven
and He will be Judge someday every unbeliever and will be King over all the
earth! THE BIBLE TEACHES THIS. Oh yes, for the unregenerate man, the
bible is very threatening. And should we wonder why they try so hard, in vain,
to grasp for something that would assure their hearts that they are okay to not

The foundation of the Christian faith is a risen Savior-- the One who died for the
sins of mankind and who was buried and who rose again on the third day bodily
and ascended into Heaven bodily. To deny this is to deny the Christian faith!

Luke 24:3  
And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.
Luke 24:4  And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout,
behold, two men stood by them in shining garments:
Luke 24:5  And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth,
they said unto them,
Why seek ye the living among the dead?
Luke 24:6  He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you
when he was yet in Galilee,
Luke 24:7  Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful
and be crucified, and the third day rise again.
Luke 24:8  And they remembered his words

Luke 24:39 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and
for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

Rom 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and
shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou
shalt be saved.

Notice that one must believe that God raised Jesus from the dead in order to be


Whenever someone in the secular world announces that they have discovered
some new fact that threatens to shake the foundations of our faith, you can be
sure that the source behind it is walking about as a roaring lion, seeking whom
he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). And such a "new discovery" should be treated as
we treat the source.

The Heavenly Father, His Son-- the Word who became flesh, and the Holy
Ghost as the triune Godhead are omniscient, omnipotent and sovereign. God's
word is true, and as He said in Matthew 24:35 concerning His words;
and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
God knows
the end from the beginning, and He is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:
19). His word is truth and truth remains.

What could this latest blasphemous film possibly do to the God that created the
universe? Absolutely nothing!

Copyright © 2007 Cobblestone Road Ministries
All Rights Reserved

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