Where Will The False Prophet
Of Revelation 13 Come From?
QUESTION: Where will the False Prophet of Revelation 13 come from?

ANSWER: Revelation 13:11 tells us that the "false prophet" comes from
the earth. Some scholars have speculated that he will be an apostate Jew--
someone born in Israel. This is a possibility. One we also agree with.

Others have said it could be religious leader from Rome. At this point, we
simply do NOT know and all things shall be revealed in their proper time.
What we do know is that "the false prophet" of Revelation 13 will be
POWERFUL-- exercising all the power of the first Beast-- and causing all
small and great, rich and poor, free and bond" to receive a mark in the right
hand or in the forehead, bearing the number of the Beast. Also the false
prophet will mimic the ministry of Elijah in calling fire down from heaven--
performing great signs and miracles, so as to
deceive the people who
received not the love of the truth-- the Gospel of the Lord Jesus
-- that they might be saved. Instead, such people will believe THE
and will be deceived by the demonic miracles of the false prophet.

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