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With so many Christian websites promoting this book, we felt it was time to
primarily for those who have already read the book and believe that it was
written by John Bunyan, the great author of Pilgrim's Progress. We do not
suggest that one should read the book. This book is very dangerous and one
should not subject his mind to unscriptural things.

We will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that John Bunyan did NOT even
write the "Visions of Heaven and Hell" book and thus the credibility of the
author who did, in fact, write this book is in question. The book is a fake--
plain and simple. The "vision" is anti-biblical and adds to the Bible things that
God never gave us! So why are so many still reading this book? Because many
have "itching ears" and their love for extra-biblical books supercedes that of the
Word of God!

Galatians 1:8  
But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other
gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be


"Visions of Heaven and Hell " was not written by John Bunyan. In fact,
whoever wrote this book, plagiarized John's work entitled "A Few Sighs From

The "Visions" book is also listed as a "Spurious work" by the John Bunyan
Museum in Bedford. This means that the book is considered a fake! We have
found this to be true with a little investigating of our own.

Keeping in mind that anything written or any vision seen or claimed by man to
be authentic should be investigated with the utmost scrutiny to find if it wholly
lines up with the Word of God, please read the following:

In the thirty five pages of the  "Visions of Heaven and Hell" book, the author
calls himself "Epenetus." Epenetus is also about to commit suicide but a voice
stops him. Then an "angel" appears to him.  Based upon the content, he is not
a Christian at the time when the angel appears to him. Epenetus first goes to
heaven and
then to hell. (A very great priviledge for one person. This
priviledge is not granted to anyone in the Bible nor to the Apostles.) He talks
with "Elijah" and other saints. Elijah tells him what it is like to live in Heaven. --
Only three apostles witnessed Elijah from afar talking with Jesus in the
Transfiguration. But Epenetus was not only granted a glimpse of Elijah but he
also talked with him up in Heaven. If John Bunyan really went up to Heaven
and met Elijah (or thought that he did), can't we assume that he would have
mentioned this in his many sermons? If one met such a great prophet of the
Old Testament, it would be hard to hold it in and keep it a secret.

Excerpts From "Visions of Heaven and Hell":
"God was too bright for me to look upon as He was exalted on the high
throne of His glory, while multitudes of angels and saints sang forth eternal
hallelujahs and praises to Him...."

The author makes the claim to have seen God's brightness and God's Throne.

"We then came within hell’s territories, placed in the caverns of the
infernal deep in the center of the earth.
There, in a sulfurous lake of liquid
fire, sat Lucifer upon a burning throne.
His horrid eyes sparkled with
hellish fury,
as full of rage as his strong anger could make him. I saw that the demons
that had fled from us as we approached from heaven had given notice of our
coming. This had put all hell in an uproar, and made Lucifer release horrid
blasphemies against the blessed God with an air of arrogance and pride."

It is interesting how the devil is called Satan throughout the whole New
Testament and yet this author chooses to call the devil by his name before the

John Bunyan of Pilgrim's Progress DID NOT WRITE
"Visions of Heaven and Hell."

As with any crook, they always make mistakes. In this case, the author of
"Visions..." made a big one...the inclusion of Hobbes.

Excerpts From "Visions of Heaven and Hell":
To this he replied, “I once knew you well upon the earth, and had almost
persuaded you to be of my opinion. I am the author of that celebrated book
entitled ‘

“What! The great Hobbes?� said I. “Are you come here?�

“Alas,� replied he, “I am that unhappy man indeed. But I am so far
from being great that I am one of the most wretched persons in all these dirty
territories. For now I know there is a God. But oh! I wish there were not, for
I am sure He will have no mercy on me. Nor is there any reason that He
should. I do confess I was His foe on earth, and now He is mine in hell. It
was that proud confidence I had in my own wisdom that has so betrayed me.â


In hell, Epenetus sees Thomas Hobbes, author of Leviathan. They talk in
hell about their friendship on earth and the torments of hell.

In order for John Bunyan to see this vision, (written in " Visions of Heaven
and Hell") there is a narrow window of
9 years in which he could see it.

Thomas Hobbes     Born 1588  Died 1679
John Bunyan          Born 1628  Died 1688

only lived 9 more years than Hobbes. So between the years 1679
and 1688, John would have had to have seen the exact vision he wrote about
in the work, "A Few Sighs From Hell" published in 1658.
Thus plagiarizing
own work
because of the part in "Visions of Heaven and Hell" which quotes
"A Few Sighs From Hell" almost word for word.

He would also have to be suicidal and a borderline atheist at the time just prior  
to the vision. Was John suicidal during the years 1679-1688? He wrote many    
inspiring pieces during this time. He preached many sermons during this time!
Do any of his works contain the experience of being saved from a suicide
attempt by a voice or an angel? Does John Bunyan ever mention seeing God
upon His Throne? Did John Bunyan ever preach about talking with Elijah?

Did John Bunyan ever preach about seeing Thomas Hobbes in hell?
Did he personally know Hobbes? Hobbes was 40 years older than John.
Hobbes lived in Paris and London. He was famously an athiest. Would John
be persuaded by Hobbes that there is no God after writing such Christian
literary works such as Pilgrim's Progress?

In "Visions..." the author speaks of being persuaded that there is no God. This
person most certainly is
NOT the John Bunyan of Pilgrim's Progress! And
why was this "Visions" work published so many years after John Bunyan's
death, if he did indeed write such a vision on paper?

All the signs point to an imposter who authored the book and placed John
Bunyan's name on the "Visions" piece
to insure all would purchase the book.
Many people ignorantly purchase and read the book today because "Bunyan"
supposedly wrote it.


The Visions book includes extra things not found in the Bible and many things
which do not line up with God's Holy Word.

From the "Visions of Heaven and Hell" book:
The heavenly messenger then said, "That you may never doubt the reality of
eternal things, I have come to show you the truth of them:
not by faith only
but also by sight
. I will show you things never yet seen by mortal eye, and to
that end your eyes shall be strengthened and made able to behold heavenly

"Not by faith only but also by sight" is not found in our Bible. The above
statement is the complete opposite of what  2Cor. 5:7: says  
"For we walk by
faith, not by sight..."
Ask yourself, "Why would God's Holy Angel say
something that is against God's Holy Word?" One must conclude just from
such a statement that it was not God's Holy angel at all.

Everyone who gets into Heaven will get there by grace through faith in Jesus
Christ. There is no other way. God does not grant special visions of Heaven
and hell to atheists on the verge of ending their life. An atheist, just like
everyone else, must come to Christ by faith. There is no special treatment.

We are warned in God's Holy Word:
But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other
gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be

2Cor:11:14:   And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an
angel of light.

In the vision, Epenetus speaks to the dead in hell-- which is forbidden in the
Word of God!

From the "Visions of Heaven and Hell" book:
[the demon is talking to the person he is tormenting] How can you now
complain of being damned? I have more reason to complain, for you had a
long time in which repentance was offered you; but I was cast into hell as
soon as I had sinned. If I had been offered salvation, I would never have
rejected it as you did.
Now, where is that in the Bible? It is not in the Bible!! The Bible does not say
whether the devils had a chance to repent or not.
Going beyond the Bible
and writing it on paper is an EXTREMELY dangerous thing to do.
That is
what the cults have done. We as true Christians are to believe the Bible and
stand upon it as the
Final Authority.

To read a vision that does not completely line up with the Word of God or
ADDS TO THE WORD OF GOD, one must conclude that it was not from
God at all.
God does not inspire error. God does not give new revelations.
If something is of God, then it will be 100% completely true and 100% totally
in accordance with the Bible. God does not give half-truths. If a prophet says
one thing false in a prophecy, then he is a false prophet.  Let's get back to the
Bible.  Let's read our Bible and know the Bible and not be carried away with
fables and trumped up visions that are obviously not in agreement with the

We are taught to line up e
verything we read and hear in accordance with
There is one part in the Visions book where the demon in hell says
to one of the souls he is tormenting;  "without holiness none shall see the
Lord." This is Scripture indeed but it is said totally out of context and thus
leaving the reader with the mindset that if only that soul in hell  would have
read the verse and been holier, he would've entered heaven. This is
unscriptural. The truth is that we can never be holy on our own merits. We are
saved by grace through faith in Jesus. It is Jesus alone who paid the price for
our sins.   He has given
us His righteousness. (Romans 3:22)

"Visions of Heaven and Hell"  promotes a "works" gospel and also a gospel of
favoritism. God does not play favorites. He offers the gift of salvation to every

The book leaves the reader with a so-called understanding of things that are
not written in Scripture and in many cases gives way too much dangerous (and
false!) information that goes beyond what God's Word tells us. This book was
written for those with itching ears. John Bunyan was a Calvinist and he most
certainly did not believe that one can be saved by works.

Galatians 1:6:   
I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called
you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel

Also the book gives some unusual names for God not found anywhere in the
Word of God.
"Visions of Heaven and Hell" contains almost the EXACT dialogue written in
the book, " A Few Sighs from Hell".

Excerpt from "A Few Sighs From Hell"....written by the REAL John
Bunyan, published in 1658:

"O cursed be thy face, saith one, that ever I set mine eyes on thee. It was
long of thee. I may thank thee. It was thee that did entice me and ensnare
me. It was your filthy conversation that was a stumbling-block to me. It was
your covetousness, it was your pride, your haunting the ale-house, your
gaming and whoring. It was long of you that I fell short of life; if you had
set me a good example, as you did set me an ill one, it may be I might have
done better than now I do; but I learned of you,I followed your steps, I
took counsel of you. O that I had never seen thy face! O that thou hadst
never been born to do my soul this wrong, as you have done! O, saith the
other, and I may as much blame you, for do not you remember how at such a
time, and at such a time, you drew me out, and drew me away, and asked me
if I would go with you, when I was going about other business, about my
calling; but you called me away, you sent for me, you are as much in the
fault as I; though I were covetous, you were proud; and if you learned
covetousness of me, I learned pride and drunkenness of you. Though I
learned you to cheat, you learned me to whore, to lie, to scoff at goodness.
Though I, base wretch, did stumble you in some things, yet you did as much
stumble me in others. I can blame you as you blame me; and if I have to
answer for some of your most filthy actions, you have to answer for some of
mine. I would you had not come hither, the very looks of you do wound my
soul, by bringing my sins afresh into my mind, the time when, the manner
how, the place where, the persons with whom. It was with you, you! Grief to
my soul! Since I could not shun thy company there, O that I had been without
thy company here!"

The above clip is written almost word for word in the book,"Visions of
Heaven and Hell".
Epenetus sees and hears two people in the exact dialogue
quoted above. Keep in mind that the Visions book had to have been written
after "A Few Sighs from Hell" because Hobbs did not die until 1679. So if
John Bunyan indeed saw this so-called vision, it would've had to have been
after 1679.  He would've amazingly seen this vision played out play by play
just like what he preached on in 1658.
Totally impossible!

The following is an email from England, sent to us after our initial letter to a
John Bunyan expert:

>In my library I have a complete set of the works of Bunyan but I can see no
reference to "Visions of Heaven and Hell" in the index. By coincidence a man
wrote to me recently and said he had got some second hand Bunyan books for
sale. I phoned him and he said amongst them was "The World to Come"
published by Thomas Kelly in 1823 which contained "Vision of Heaven and

I came across the index of the Bunyan books held by the Bunyan Museum in
Bedford today and noticed that under a list of Spurious works wrongly
ascribed to Bunyan was the following:
> Visions of John Bunyan Gainsborough. Mozely 1803
> Visions of John Bunyan London, Hollis n.d.
> Visions of John Bunyan York, Wilson 1802
> Visions of John Bunyan London, Midwinter. [c1750]


The John Bunyan of Pilgrim's Progress did not write "Visions of Heaven and
Hell". The book, "Visions of Heaven and Hell" is a fake. It plagiarizes
Bunyan's sermon, "A Few Sighs From Hell" preached in 1658 while Thomas
Hobbs was still alive! The book also goes WAY beyond what the Bible teaches.

God does not allow second chances from the grave.
God does not grant "special people" the chance to visit hell and write about it.
God does not grant people permission to speak with those in hell.
God does not permit angels to carry people to heaven and hell.

As believers in Christ Jesus, we do not need strange books by suspicious
authors to validate the Bible. We do not need gimmicks to win the lost. We do
not need these sort of visions and books to convince us of heaven or of hell.
We believe the Bible-- PERIOD! The Bible is God's Holy Word!

Rom 10:17  
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of

Faith comes by reading God's Holy Word. The Bible is the final authority.

Dear reader, if you find yourself desiring things that go beyond the Bible and
add to the Bible..."new visions" and "new prophecies", consider what the Bible

2Tim 4:3-4  
For the time will come when they will not endure sound
doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,
having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables.

If you have not received Jesus as your Savior, you can know Him as
Savior today. Please
click here to read about God's Free Gift of Salvation
offered to all. Jesus loves you. He says in Revelation 3:20:
Behold, I
stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the
door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

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All Rights Reserved

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