Sermon Story:
The Power Of The Gospel
In 1832 the naturalist, Charles Darwin, went around the world in the ship named, Beagle. He spent several weeks on the coast of Tierra del Fuego, in South America. His description of the people is full of horror. He describes them as the very lowest type of humanity he had ever seen. They were savages of the lowest degree and quality. No civilized man dare approach
the shore. The wise and prudent naturalist left the coast, declaring the inhabitants to be
beyond the reach of civilization.

One day a little baby boy was found lying in the streets in Bristol, England. He was taken to a workhouse. He was found on St. Thomas' day so they named him, "Thomas." And because he was found on a street which connected two bridges, they called the baby, Thomas Bridges. He was brought up on the public bounty. The boy reached early manhood with a heart aglow with the love of God. He longed to become a missionary. He offered himself to the Church Missionary Society, was accepted,
and sent
to the very people whom Mr. Darwin thought to be too low to be admitted into human race.

Perfect love casts out fear. Bridges was heroic. He lived among these people in peril of his life. He studied their curious vocal tones, reduced them to form, and translated into it a part of the story of our Lord's life. They read it and were melted by it. They cried for more-- he gave them more. They read, believed, were subdued, civilized and Christianized. Over his lifetime, he established a church and school and compiled a 32,000-word dictionary of the Yaghan language. In 1870 Mr. Darwin wrote to the secretary of the Society: "The success of the Tierra del Fuego mission is phenomenal."

Darwin-- the atheistic inventor of the exploded evolution
theory thought evidently when he saw the naked Indians of Tierra del Fuego and the viciousness, that he had found the MISSING LINK. But God manifested His power through a weak, abandoned child, in bringing to the Indians the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by which they were saved and delivered from the power of Satan.

Evolution? They may catch monkeys, dress them up like men, teach them
to use knives and forks, and monkey after man and his ways; but when all
is said and done, they are STILL monkeys, nor will they ever be anything else than apes. Oh! The folly of that infidel theory! Man was created in the image of God—and man, fell in the Garden of Eden, and man, a sinner, 
is on a downward decline into more sinfulness.
But it is the power of the preaching of the Gospel—it is the Lord Jesus who saves!

Taken from Our Hope Magazine, volume 33, 1927.
©2008 Cobblestone Road Ministries
All Rights Reserved


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