Proving The Bible Is True
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The following is an answer to an email question, asking if the Bible can be
proven to be true. This is by no means an exhaustive answer. There are so
many proofs but we gave just a few, for the sake of time. Here is our answer:

Dear _____,

Thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, yes. The bible is God's
Word and can be proven because only God can see into the future. He thus
gave prophecies in His Word that were later historically proven.

The following are just things off the top of my head for now...

Bible Prophecies + historical fulfillment = Evidence.

God does not want people to go about in blind faith. In other words, He has
given us His Word and the words in the bible can be weighed against history.
History proves the bible to be true every time.

Take a look at the prophecies in the bible-- the prophecies concerning Messiah
that were fulfilled by Jesus. (Even the Jews themselves did not understand the
prophecies...Jesus had to explain it to Nicodemus) The Bible records that the
Messiah would be despised, rejected, killed and raised from the dead and
would later return to earth...and the Jews would look upon Him who they had
pierced. If Jewish men, not inspired by God, wrote the bible, they certainly
would not have been able to predict the future. The prophecies would not have
been so detailed and they would have been able to understand the prophecies.

To this day, the Jews avoid Isaiah 53 and the Book of Daniel for the very
reason that the prophecies point to Jesus--- therefore they are "off limits".
Their own Talmud-- their own history points to Jesus being the Messiah. For
almost forty years, beginning in 30AD, the Temple doors swung open every
night of their own accord, signifying that the Lord would no longer dwell
behind Temple doors but rather would reside in Believers through the Person
of the Holy Spirit.*

Take a look at the prophecies concerning the Jewish people. These have been
fulfilled and are being fulfilled and will be fulfilled. Daniel's prophecies alone
could prove the bible to be true. The Lord gave him a view into the future
and those things did come to pass with the Babylonian, Persian and Greek
empires... exactly as the Bible predicted. Alexander the Great found it
fascinating that he was in Bible prophecy, when the Jews showed him the
passage pertaining to him in the book of Daniel. History gives testimony that
the bible is true. The Roman Empire was also predicted in Daniel and did
break into two sections...history proves this to be true. The "ten toes" is yet
to take place in the Tribulation Period.

1) Nature itself gives witness to a Creator. So we must go beyond
acknowledging a Creator and ask ourselves, "Why did God create us? For
what purpose? Why is there evil in this world?"

The bible gives us the only logical account of the Creation of earth, man, sin,
evil and redemption. It gives us the record of the origins of the different
languages and the origins of nations. The account of the Flood (which is also
recorded in other ancient writings) is explained in detail in Genesis.

The purpose of life and the reason for death is clearly explained in the bible.
It is also consistent with proven scientific facts. The bible spoke of the earth
being "a circle" LONG before anyone knew. The Egyptians and Babylonians
believed the earth was flat and so did everyone else. Christopher Columbus
formed his "idea" from the Bible. Some great places to look for science and
the Bible are found Dr. Henry M. Morris' books.

The Bible instructed the Hebrews in dietary laws and cleanliness: To keep
them from germs and disease. It is a well-known, established fact that eating
"unclean" animals bring about diseases in the body. This is medically proven.
Also, the day of circumcision was to be performed on the eighth day. Why the
eighth? Because that is the safest day for a newborn to receive circumcision.
On the eighth day a child's prothrombin level is highest than at any other time
in his life -10% above normal. The people of Israel did not know this but God

I could go on and on.

2) 66 Books spanned by 1500 years with 40 different authors and every one
of them agrees with the can't even get two authors in the same
room to be consistent. Most of these prophets did not even know one
another...they each lived in different periods of time. Remember too that the
Jews did not have all the books in one volume. There were no printing presses
back then. They did not have cross-referencing material. Yet in every book,
God is consistent, His purpose is the same and His plan of redemption is the

Also the Bible does not paint the Hebrew people in the best light. So if it were
simply a Jewish man's book, it would paint them in a much better light. The
Bible is truth and therefore it records their rebellion, their disobedience, their
sins, their repentance, their blasphemies, their cries, their returning to God, etc.
Also if the bible was simply written by man, it would make excuses for sin...
for it is within the nature of man to do so.

3) Now, let's look at prophecy of Messiah...Let's look at ALL the prophecies
that Jesus, the Messiah fulfilled. Check out our article on
Proof that Jesus is
the Messiah. For even 5 of these prophecies to be fulfilled would be beyond a
miracle...yet alone every one of them that He fulfilled to the letter. Just to give
some odds, I searched online: Mathematician, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, said that
the odds of Jesus fulfilling only 60 of them would be one out of ten to the
895th power. That is a one over a one followed by 895 zeros.

Other answers could be:
The weight of my sins fell from off my shoulders the day I received Jesus as
Savior. There is no other way provided for the weight of sin to be taken away.
That is why man searches in vain for his "own path to God" and never finds
forgiveness of sins. The weight remains until one receives Christ as their
Savior. This is evidenced by the testimonies of those who have put their trust
in Him. We come to Him by faith but that faith is produced by reading the
Scriptures that He fulfilled, evidenced by history. The Apostle Paul proved
from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ. Which Scriptures? The prophecies
that He fulfilled, which were written thousands of years before His birth.

History testifies and gives witness that the Bible is true. One must then take
what he has learned and put his faith in the Living Christ, who is the Author
and Finisher of our Faith.

Hope this "brief" answer helps...May the Lord richly bless you as you serve
Him in all that you do.


*Because Jesus is the Passover Lamb-- and was the perfect sacrifice for sin, the veil in the
Temple was torn from top to bottom at His death. God opened the Holy of Holies for He no
longer needed to dwell behind the heavy curtain but all men could approach God through the
blood of His dear Son. The Jewish Temple was opened for all men -- for Christ died for all
men. God's Temple no longer needed to be shut...that is why the doors swung open every
night until the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. Why did God allow their Temple to be
destroyed? Because they did not receive the Messiah. They rejected Him. Jesus predicted the
destruction of the Temple (Matthew 24:2) and of Jerusalem, prophesying:

"If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy
peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes. For the days shall come upon thee, that thine
enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every
side, And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall
not leave in thee one stone upon another;
because thou knewest not the time of thy

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