So you think the Atkins Diet is a
healthy diet? Many Americans are
spending a lot of money
on meat.  Meat is now considered the
Is this a heathy eating lifestyle?  A
doctor examines this diet with very
interesting findings.

Health Problems Associated with
High-Protein, High-Fat,
Restricted Diets.

"The Atkins Diet Would Aid the

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Should Christians be vegetarian?
Was Jesus vegetarian? The
biblical answer is "no".
Find out why

"The very best solution for
avoiding toxic chemicals from
water (often hidden) is to drink
and cook with "spring water.
"That is what experienced holistic
medicine practitioners use. Make
sure that the bottled water comes
from a real spring as opposed to
tap water (with a flowery name and
pretty picture on the bottle)."

"Researchers found a correlation
between low iron and hair loss in
females, suggesting a nutritional

Source:  Taste For Life, June 2005, pg. 40

Trying to get rid of the little pests
in your garden? There are natural
solutions. Of course, God has given
man all the resources he needs
to grow wonderful fruits and
vegetables without the use
of man-made pesticides.

Ladybugs feed on a wide variety
of pests and are regularly used
by organic farmers. The ladybugs
only eat the aphids and pests
that are a detriment to your
garden. Isn't God good? for your Garden

I don't believe that God  intended
man to smoke hemp...but what are
the uses for the Hemp plant?? Click
on this interesting link...

The Healing Power of Hemp -
by Colleen Heraty says that "hemp
has 40,000" uses and that our US
constitution was written on hemp
paper. "For more than 10,000 years
hemp has provided food, shelter,
paper, fabric, clothing and medicine.
It wasn't until the 1930s did it first
experience a ban on its growth. Being
clean, renewable, cheap, and easy to
grow, it quickly became a threat to
the natural resource companies, who
were expecting to make a fortune in
the production of fossil fuels." says
Colleen Heraty.


Have A Burning Tongue?
Burning Mouth Syndrome?

My BMS started after I
had high noble porcelein
dental crowns placed
into my mouth that didn't
quite meet with my bite.

My tongue was sore
because the natural teeth
were too sharp and hitting
my tongue rather than the
new crowns. So wearing
a bite guard helped BMS, in
my case. Also rounding out
the points on my sharp teeth
helped as well.

The Possible Causes of BMS:
Now these are a "might be"

-If the teeth are too abrasive
against the tongue.

-If the teeth are misaligned

--If the dental crowns are
causing allergy.

--Oral thrush - Candida

--B vitamin deficiency

-- Hormonal changes

--Mineral deficiency

--Harsh toothpastes

--Harsh mouthwashes

--Strong coffee or teas

--Neuropathy from
novocaine injection

Check with your dentist to
see if your bite is correct.
If it is not, your teeth could
be irritating your tongue.
If your teeth feel sharp,
tell him how they feel to
you; and pray for him/her
that God would give your
dentist the wisdom to
know what to do in your
situation. Hope this info
is helpful. God bless!


Today one-third of U.S. dairy herds
are injected with RBST, which
stimulates cows to produce as
much as 15% more milk.


"Diets high in processed meat (cold
cuts, hot dogs, and sausage) heighten
the risk for pancreatic cancer finds
a study presented at a recent
American Association for Cancer
Research meeting....they blame the
carcinogens which may be formed by
chemical reactions during the
processing of meat... The good news
is that natural or organic food
processors do not use sodium nitrite
or other cancer causing additives in
their cold cuts, hot dogs, and

Source: Taste For Life, June 2005, pg14


Green Magma- We absolutely love
this green drink, though it takes a bit getting
used to the taste. Once you have been on
this a month, there is no turning back.
You crave the taste and the way it makes
you feel. Other name brand green drinks have
given us the "shakes" or tremors but this
product is absolutely the best,
in our opinion.  And we are
not getting paid to say this.

**Disclaimer: Consult your physician before
trying any health product
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Parents are
serving breakfast
in a box, lunch in
a can and dinner
in a
box and they
wonder why their
kids have

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Do you have a cold?
Read up on the
benefits of  Zinc.
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Food Proteins
and Autism

Although physicians and scientists
remain unclear on why autism
occurs, diet seems to affect
language abilities and behavioral
problems associated with the
disease. Research and anecdotal
evidence indicate that parents who
remove gluten and casein from
their autistic child’s diet can
see significant improvements
within a short time.

ource www.naturalfood
Natural Nutrition Directory
Natural Health Organic Foods
Organic Health and Beauty
Baking For Health
Enchanted Foods-  (We love the "Hichory Roast" Sunakin Seeds)
Four Apostles- Organic Dates, Nuts, Date Bars
Sun Organic Farms
Organic Consumers Association
Gardens Ablaze- The Radish
5 A
Nutrition For A Living Planet
American Dietetic Association
Food Allergy- The Inside Story+Recipes
Food Watch- Healthy Eating and Recipes
US Department of Agriculture
World Health Organization

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Are Dinosaurs
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Places online to buy Natural Products and Organic Products:

Wellness Grocer - Great Selection
College Farm Organics - Delicious Organic Candy
Local Harvest - Farmer's Markets in the USA
Diamond Organics - Home Delivery Nationwide - Great sales and offers free shipping
VITANET - Great discounts on herbs and health products

Just because a product is labeled "Natural" does not always mean that it is healthy.
Some "natural" products have hydrogenated oils in them. Others contain GMO's
(Genetically Modified..see "Interesting Quotes on this page.) Make sure you do your
own research to find the best products for you and your family.


Next time you go grocery shopping, keep this in mind. If you
are not buying organic, you might be buying a freak of nature...
who knows?

"Genetic engineering (GE) is the transfer of genes from one organism to another
through means that do not occur in nature, but through human intervention. This
involves isolating and then moving genes within and without different species by
recombinant DNA techniques and other manipulation of the genetic construct outside
the traditional practices such as sexual and asexual breeding, hybridization,
fermentation, in-vitro fertilization and tissue culture. Using genetic engineering
techniques, genes can be exchanged between species that would never interbreed in
nature. Thus, fish genes can be inserted into a tomato, human genes into rice, and
bacteria into corn."

..."A GMO is short for genetically modified organism, also known as genetically
engineered organism, or transgenic organism. It carries genetic material that has been
altered in the laboratory and transferred into it by genetic engineering. "

"A GMO is a plant, animal or microorganism (e.g., bacteria) that is created by means
that overcome natural boundaries. Genetic engineering involves crossing species which
could not cross in nature. For example, fish genes have been inserted into strawberries.
While the Food and Drug Administration insists that foods produced by genetic
engineering are the same as foods from traditional breeding, their own scientists
reported that, "the processes of genetic engineering and traditional breeding are
different and... they lead to different risks."

"The most widely grown GE crops are soybeans, corn, canola (rapeseed) and cotton.
Nearly all GE crops grown today are one of two varieties: "insect resistant" and
"herbicide tolerant" crops."


Note: Soy, Corn, Canola...very common ingredients in many processed foods,
candy bars, microwavable foods, mayo, desserts, etc.


"Several U.S. cities, as well as Japan, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, have
ended the procedure, often citing a possible link to increased risk of bone cancer.
Though the EPA officially supports fluoridation of drinking water, Dr. J. William Hirzy
of the EPA professional employees’ union asked Congress for a national
moratorium on the process. Hirzy says fluoride doubles the rate of hip fractures and
hearing loss in seniors."


Dare to Think... Toxic properties of fluoride
Is Fluoride Safe?
Fluoride's effects on the skeletal system (bones and such)
Fluoride's effects on the nervous system and lowered IQ Levels in
Is the ADA Telling the Truth?
Fluoride and the Thyroid Explored, With Dr. Peatfield
Most of Europe Reject Fluoride in their Drinking Water Read Their

"The fluoride chemical added to water is an unprocessed, industrial waste-
product from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry."   
This article will shock you.

Fluoride Health Effects ...  LONG LIST WITH MANY LINKS!!!


Acts 15:20 "But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols,
and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood."

Things strangled... this is a New Testament teaching.  Eating things that are tortured
and strangled before death may pose tremendous health risks. That is why God
instructed the early church to abstain from things strangled. Did you know that many
of the animals consumed in this country are strangled and tortured to death? These
poor animals are God's creatures and were never meant to be treated in such a cruel
fashion. Some people suggest a better way to kill an animal is Kosher style, which
forbids the use of torture. In fact, the Kosher knife used to cut the throat of the animal
is so sharp to insure the death of the animal is quick and painless.  
Read this excellent
article on Kosher meat, according to the Bible.

"The Washington Post obtained enforcement documents from 28 slaughter
plants and exposed horrific acts of cruelty that occur on a daily basis in
slaughterhouses throughout the U.S.  The Washington Post also interviewed
dozens of current and former federal meat inspectors and slaughterhouse
workers who admitted to routinely witnessing the strangling, beating, scalding,
skinning, and butchering of live, fully conscious animals. "

Washington Post Exposes the Torture of these poor animals
The Humane Farming Association
The Case Against Meat

"Diets high in fat, especially saturated fat, are associated with increased risk
of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Diets high in animal protein have been
shown to increase the risk of kidney problems, osteoporosis, and some types of
cancer. Because fiber is found only in plant foods, and high-protein, high-fat,
carbohydrate-restricted diets tend to be low in plant foods, these diets are also
typically low in fiber. Low fiber intake is associated with increased risk of colon
cancer and other malignancies, heart disease, diabetes,  and constipation."  
Hmmm...Atkins Diet anyone?



"A reputed Swiss Scientist, Dr. Hertel, almost 10 years ago, did research on the
effects of microwaving on cooking of food. In an experiment, people were fed
food cooked conventionally and by using microwave ovens. Blood samples were
taken before and after the consumption of these foods and were analysed. It
became evident in the course of the study that microwaved food had a definite
influence on the blood of the test persons -  The hemoglobin level (red blood
cells) decreased significantly after consumption of microwaved food."

Read the rest here:

"Rats and mice fed diets containing freshly irradiated wheat showed increased levels of
polyploid cells  [ cells with chromosome abnormalities ]  in their bone marrow. This
was repeatedly observed in several separate experiments.

Normal monkeys and undernourished children fed diets containing freshly irradiated
wheat showed elevated levels of polyploid  [ abnormal ]  cells   in circulating
lymphocytes  [white blood cells] . Several months after the irradiated wheat was
withdrawn, levels of polyploidy returned to normal.

Mice fed freshly irradiated wheat-based diets showed evidence of dominant lethal
mutation as indicated by increased numbers of intrauterine  [ prenatal ]  deaths."


"Since their work began in 1998, government researchers in Germany
have made some alarming discoveries about unique chemicals formed infood
when it is “treated� with radiation."


Their main site:

Irradiated Meat- Fatal Internal Bleeding in Rats

"A significant number of rats consuming irradiated beef died from internal
hemorrhage within 46 days, the first death of a male rat coming on the 11th
day of feeding. This rat became sluggish on the 8th day of the regimen and
started refusing food. He continued to be morbid during the next two days, did
not eat any food, lost weight and appeared anemic. He was found dead on the
11th day."



In the 1920's & 30's, dental surgeon, Weston Price travelled the world studying
the teeth of "primitive" populations in many different areas. What he found
was very disturbing. Those who followed their traditional (whole food) eating
patterns, had excellent teeth and excellent general health. Those who changed
to a "western" diet of processed foods developed marked dental deformities
within two generations. Their general health also deteriorated and chronic
illnesses started to become more prevalent. His book Nutrition & Physical
Degeneration records his findings.  Read more


Searching for an alternative to prescription antibiotics? If so, talk to an
experienced herbalist about usnea and lomatium, two strong-acting herbs with
antimicrobial and immuno-modulating activity.

Herbal antimicrobials work in much the same way as their drug counterparts
do- by destroying or preventing the growth of bacterial micro-organisms.

Usnea, a branched lichen also called old man's beard, contains acids that fight
gram-positive bacteria such as streptococcus, staphylococcus and mycobacteria.
This herb also works against candida, and can be topically applied for ringworm
and athlete's foot.

Lomatium is sometimes called Indian consumption plant or biscuit root and can
be used against a variety of bacterial infections. It contains an oleoresin rich in
terpenes that appears responsible for the herb's antiviral effects. Lomatium is
also an effective expectorant and is useful for treating pneumonia, infective
bronchitis, tuberculosis as well as colds and the flu.

Source: Healthway Happenings Dec/Jan 2002

Aloe and Psoriasis:

A double-blind placebo-controlled study was undertaken in Sweden in 1996
to evaluate topical application of Aloe vera extract in the treatment of 60
patients with psoriasis. By the end of the study- 16 weeks with 12 months of
follow-up on a monthly basis- 83% of the aloe group were cured. No toxic
reactions or side effects were noted. The study concluded that Aloe vera can
be considered a safe, alternative treatment for psoriasis. -

From Healthway Happenings   December/January 2002

Foods reported to have cleansing and cosmetic properties:

Cucumber: Place slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Egg white: Use as a mask to clean your pores.

Olive oil: Use a teaspoon after shampooing as
a hair conditioner.

Milk: Use as a cleanser for dry skin.

Lemon: The acidity of the juice can help
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