Sermon Story:
"Frances Ridley Havergal, Hymn Writer "

The hymns of Frances Ridley Havergal have greatly blessed
the Church. She wrote such songs as "Who is on the Lord’s Side?"
“Like a River Glorious," "I Gave My Life for Thee,"
and "Take My Life and Let It Be."

She was not always a happy Christian, however. As F. J. Huegel pointed
out in his book Forever Triumphant, she was plagued by depression.
Perhaps overly sensitive to faults in her life, she was a defeated believer
who lacked the joy that should characterize every forgiven child of God.
Huegel wrote, “She walked with bowed head. Romans 7 seemed to be her lot."

One day she had a life-transforming experience, however. Huegel says that
the Lord led her into the joy and blessing described in Romans 8. A great crisis marked her entrance into "the promised land of a life of fullness and victory."
She was reading her New Testament in the Greek, as she often did. When she
came to 1 John 1:7, she discovered from the tense of the verb that the blood of Christ keeps on cleansing the believer who walks in the light.

Says Huegel, "The result for Frances Havergal was a mighty revolution. A new
day dawned. She would no longer be sad because of her faults and blemishes.
She would rejoice because of the infinite efficacy of the Savior's atoning death."

~Written By Source Unknown~

Frances wrote the following which sums up her experience:

Resting on the faithfulness of Christ our Lord
Resting on the fulness of His own sure word,
Resting on His power on His love untold;
Resting on His covenant secured of old.

Resting and believing, let us unward press;
Resting in Himself, the Lord our Righteousness;
Resting and rejoicing, let His saved ones sing,
Glory, glory, glory be to Christ our King.

In October, 1878, Miss Havergal caught a severe cold which
caused inflammation of the lungs. When told that her life was in danger,
she exclaimed: "If I am really going, it is too good to be true!" At another
time she said: "Splendid! To be so near the gates of heaven!"
Toward the last breath she sang, clearly but faintly: "Jesus, I will
trust thee". And then, said her sister, ''She looked up steadfastly, as if
she saw the Lord; and surely nothing less heavenly could have reflected
such a glorious radiance upon her face. For ten minutes we watched
that almost visible meeting with her King, and her countenance
was so glad, as if she were already talking to Him! Then she
tried to sing; but, after one sweet, high note her voice failed, and
as her brother commended her soul into the Redeemer's hand, she
passed away."

The date was June 3, 1879. She was buried at Astley, and on
her tomb was carved
by her own request the text 1 John 1:7:
"The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin."


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